Recruiting: Product/Market Fit Expert

Helsinki & Jyväskylä

40 %. The magical amount that we desperately seek. The number that every business must hit to become successful. The number that you will help determine with our clients. We are seeking a Product/Market Fit Expert that will aid in discovering the critical 40 %.

What we want you to do

Your job is to be a business designer that focuses on understanding the fundamentals behind the client’s product. As a lean startup fanatic, you understand the ideology and methodology involved and you have the ability to turn theory into practice.

You are able to suggest and explain decisions that are relevant to the client’s business – you can make conclusions and turn them into relevant business goals. You don’t hesitate to express your opinion about needed alterations or negative outcomes, if they are crucial in achieving the 40 %.

An important part of the job is leading projects from start to end: communicating with the client, organising the team members tasks (1-6 people), gathering a backlog and ensuring that the schedule is respected. Your expertise and skills are also needed on a day-to-day basis – grinding and shipping is always part of the job.

What kind of skills you need

You probably have a background in design, engineering or business, but we are open-minded, if you have the track record to back it up. The most important aspect in succeeding in this role is being courageous and possessing the guts to make difficult calls. You have the ability to dig deep and understand the client and the end-users. You are familiar with research methods, design thinking, product design and business development.

You have strong social skills, so you can effectively communicate with co-workers, clients and end users. You have the ability to clearly inform the rationale behind decisions: the why, the what, the how.

You are able to create hypothesis’, create prototypes and conduct tests. Based on the gathered data, you are able to draw conclusions, present action points and suggest next steps. In everything you do, the significance of the 40 % constantly lurks as an omnipresence.  

Characteristics of Us

In addition to the role specific skills, you must have the three characteristics of MEOMians:

  1. The desire to constantly improve and grow as a professional. Everyday we want to become a better version of ourselves.

  2. Being a team player and having the will to interact and evolve as a common group. By collaborating together we are able to achieve more than acting as individuals.

  3. Always staying humble and accepting that there are always new things to learn. We are never “ready”.

Why work for MEOM?

MEOM is a product company that combines tech, design and marketing in a new way. We create products out of ideas and grow them into world-class success stories. We have international clients, who are doing amazing things like creating self-driving cars that roam the streets of Tokyo, and we have Finnish clients who are colonizing foreign markets.

We also live like we preach and we have two global products. Brella is an award-winning event networking product and 27 Crags is a rock climbing product that boasts a community of over 50 000 monthly active users. Both products achieved the required 40 % and that is why they have grown to world-class solutions. As a member of our team, you can help create and build our next internal start-up.

We want to see our products thrive in the business landscape, whether they are our own or our client’s. We have achieved this by applying a no bullshit attitude to our work and culture. We are small and agile with minimal levels of bureaucracy. We are rapidly scaling up, but growth won’t displace our principals and values.

Join us and become the Shepherd of the Forty  

Now that you have bought the idea of us and becoming the enforcer of The 40 % Rule, it is time to submit an abbreviation of your career for us to evaluate.

We promise a 100 % (not 40 %) interview rate, if you are able to summarise how you have approached product strategy & roadmaps, facilitating ideation, end-user understanding and measurability. We want to emphasise that our understanding of an interview is that it is a dualistic pitching contest – parties only win when both are convinced in each others story.

We would also like to hear, how much compensation you seek for your daily services.

You might have some questions about the position and in that case, please contact Janne Puustinen or 040 575 8298. If everything is crystal clear, just ship your application to Janne’s inbox.


If you haven’t got a clue what the 40 % was all about, it is a reference to the The 40 % Rule.

According to start-up mythology, a vital metric for product/market fit is, if at least 40 percent of surveyed customers indicate that they would be "very disappointed" if they no longer have access to a particular product or service.

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