Recruiting: Digital Service Designers

Helsinki & Jyväskylä

We are seeking Service Designers to join our bandwagon and help our clients create world class products. If you have a burning desire to create meaningful digital services that pack a punch, please continue to read and let us explain, why you should join the growing crew here at MEOM.

What we want you to do

The work you will be doing is critical for our client’s growth. They want to leave their mark and your job is to ensure this happens. You will be responsible of concluding research and understanding the relevant touchpoints that impact the end users lives.

You incorporate business goals into your design work and you are able to suggest and explain decisions that are relevant to the client’s business. You can make conclusions and turn them into actionable steps.

An important part of the job is leading service design projects from start to end: communicating with the client, organising the team members tasks (1-6 people), gathering a backlog and ensuring that the schedule is respected. You are the driving force of the team and you have the authority and responsibility to drive the project forward in a suitable way that will create the most impact and achieve the goals.

What kind of skills you need

You have a background in service design and you are curious enough to update your skills in this constantly shifting landscape. You are accustomed to different methods and tools – your bread and butter is selecting and using design thinking, customer journey maps, Design Sprints, use cases, storyboards etc. in your daily work.

You are used to studying the client’s and customer’s processes, behaviour and challenges. You are familiar with contacting, observing and interviewing people and you are able to combine the findings with data, metrics and business objectives.

You aren’t overwhelmed with starting with a limited understanding of the case and you enjoy bringing clarity to it. When you create a solution, you are able to identify and communicate the core of the solution and work closely with the team to build a prototype and test the hypothesis behind the design.

You will have a important role in building the actual end-service and orchestrate the moving bits to build the solution on time and on money. After the launch, you are interested in gathering real data and iterating and improving the solution based on users input.

One of the most important requirements are strong social skills, so you can effectively communicate with co-workers, clients and end users. You have the ability to clearly inform the rationale behind decisions: the why, the what, the how and the when.

Characteristics of Us

In addition to the role specific skills, you must have the three characteristics of MEOMians:

  1. The desire to constantly improve and grow as a professional. Everyday we want to become a better version of ourselves.

  2. Being a team player and having the will to interact and evolve as a common group. By collaborating together we are able to achieve more than acting as individuals.

  3. Always staying humble and accepting that there are always new things to learn. We are never “ready”.

Why work for MEOM?

MEOM is a product company that combines tech, design and marketing in a new way. We create products out of ideas and grow them into world-class success stories. We have international clients, who are doing amazing things like creating self-driving cars that roam the streets of Tokyo, and we have Finnish clients who are colonising foreign markets.

We also live like we preach and we have two global products. Brella is an award-winning event networking product and 27 Crags is a rock climbing product that boasts a community of over 50 000 monthly active users. These are both world-class solutions built upon a strong service design foundation. As a member of our team, you can help create and build our next internal start-up.

We want to see our products thrive in the business landscape, whether they are our own or our client’s. We have achieved this by applying a no bullshit attitude to our work and culture. We are small and agile with minimal levels of bureaucracy. We are rapidly scaling up, but growth won’t displace our principals and values.

Apply now before we are sold out  

Now that you have heard the skills needed and the why should join us, it is time to submit an abbreviation of your career for us to evaluate. We want to emphasise that our understanding of an interview is that it is a dualistic pitching contest – parties only win when both are convinced in each others story.

We would also like to hear, how much compensation you seek for your daily services.

You might have some questions about the position and in that case, please contact Janne Puustinen or 040 575 8298. If everything is crystal clear, just ship your application to Janne’s inbox.