Recruiting: Brand Designer

To work in our Jyväskylä or Helsinki office

We're looking for a digitally savvy brand designer with ironclad experience in creating and revisioning brand identities for a permanent position in Jyväskylä (preferably) or Helsinki. You'll be working mostly with B2B clients in web environment. If you are full of ideas and interested in hybrid work containing more than just design, please, read on. We are offering you a position where you can really apply yourself.


We create digital products from an idea to scalable growth.

Typically our projects include conceptualizing, designing and creating digital services and apps, such as Brella, 27 Crags, Firstbeat, and Basecamp Explorer. As you can see, they come in all size and forms, from native Finland to Japan. The common nominator is that we love our clients and they seem to like us too, based on the fact that they tend to stick around.

We’re looking for a designer with expertise in branding. You can apply as full-time, part-time or freelancer.


We strive to understand how ideas can become reality and how we can transform those into growth in business. We believe that branding has a big role to play during this journey. You will be creating brands based on new ideas or perfecting existing ones.

The MEOM team is made of 20 professionals with big hearts and small egos. Everyone loves what they do, whether it’s design, tech or marketing and we cross-pollinate to draw inspirations from each other. We ensure that best practices and smart ideas travel swiftly.

This will be an opportunity to really push yourself creatively from just designing great brands into designing growth through branding. You will be taking risks and grow as a designer.

Your work will include

  • collaborating with other team members such as designers, illustrators, marketers, and engineers
  • applying conceptual thinking to create world-class visual design services across multiple touchpoints, successfully bringing together the user and client needs, business goals and technical realities
  • analyzing brand marketing challenges and creating on-brand design solutions that meet measurable business goals and requirements
  • creating and evolving brand systems through style guides, templates, iconography, typography, illustrations, and visual imagery
  • manage and prioritize workload of multiple projects from concept to completion
  • present work to key stakeholders with the ability to effectively communicate and articulate your ideas and design choices

Required skills

  • A portfolio showcasing a breadth of visually stunning, preferably done for digital platforms
  • 3+ years experience working with branding-related design
  • Strong understanding of space, type, and color
  • Experience working with web
  • Up-to-date with all current design technologies and web standards
  • Speak and write effectively in English

Come closer to listen why you should apply

You want to learn and develop, and we want that for you too. That’s why we have our own library, filled with the latest books on relevant topics, as well as Kindles if paper seems too old school. Not only do we provide the material, we arrange the time to study. You can use up to 4 hours a week of your work time to become a better professional.

Have you got BIG ideas?

Great, because we’ll give you the chance to work on those ideas. Sounds like corporate bullshit, doesn’t it? Well, we have two in-house start-ups, Brella, and 27 Crags. They were both kindled out of BIG ideas. Also, we run a ”no bullshit organization” – we mean what we say, and say what we mean.

We’ll make sure you have the energy to battle any giants

All our employees are entitled to a funded medical insurance. We’ll provide a gym membership so that you can jump on a spinning bike, enjoy a yoga session or deadlift. Post workout beverages include sparkling water, tea and the best espressos in town – you can brew your own with our Vibiemme espresso machine (onboarding included as part of the orientation process). We always have a selection of craft beers in the fridge from our client Hiisi.

What are you waiting for?

We hope to have this position filled by end of the year so we can get cracking on some major ideas. If you are interested in learning more about the way we work, make decisions or anything related to our company, send a message or leave a callback to Tom as soon as possible. You can reach him at or 040 843 0453. After the contact, we can grab lunch or a pint together.

Checklist of future awesomeness

  • You are sure you can take on the responsibilities
  • You want to join a winning team
  • You live or are willing to relocate to Jyväskylä or Helsinki

We would wish you good luck but we all know that luck has nothing to do with job swapping. Come and get it!

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